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7 Stacy Drive
Yardley, PA 19067
Tel: 215-968-2599 * Fax: 215-968-0294
RS Barn offers complete service and track preparation for 944/S-2/951/968 and selected 911 models. All services are performed with factory tools and specs. RS Barn delivers Increased Performance, from enhanced street to full race. Compression and leakdown and Cam timing for stock or RS Barn Custom cams. Suspension is another RS Barn exclusive. Improved for street, mild track to full race . We offer LEDA, Bilstein, Koni, Racers Edge, KLA, Swift and Hypercoil Springs. RS Barn is a PCA Tech Center for DE events. All RS Barn Products are tested and proven "Package Performers" Most aftermarket products are designed as stand alone pieces and can be hit or mostly miss. In most cases products aren't even tested alone, but never in combinations or as packages. RS Barn is an exclusive Run-Rite Service Center offering Professional grade Injector Cleaner to full Induction cleaning including Throttle Body. Compression and leakdown will improve. Your car has never run so well!
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