968-Performance Camshafts Stage 2


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RS Barn has worked with several Camshaft suppliers to come up with the highest quality and best performing camshafts for your 968 race engine. Stage 2 camshafts have new sprockets installed, new welded lobes and then are Micro-polished and chamfered for best break in and longevity. We have maintained the correct lobe angles to maximize the charge velocity neeeded with the 968's large ports. Other cams leave power on the table using inferior grinding techniques.

Stage 2 camshafts are intended for race engines with modified variocam. The car will have a manual idle switch. Performance is spectacular. Dyno tested at 240 rear wheel horsepower on a DynoJet dyno. Up to 10 more ft/lbs of torque over stage 1 camshafts.


Call for specs and performance guidelines.

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